Trash to Treasure -Steps to Sell Furniture Online Successfully

Trash to Treasure -Steps to Sell Furniture Online Successfully

Are you moving to new apartment? If you’re looking a unique way to get rid of your used furniture, then you’re at right place!

A lot of bucks could be made with online furniture business opportunities.  With many online resale sites, one can easily use this service to sell furniture online. However, there are some tips and tricks to go through this process smoothly, which are:

Search a Right App or Online Site

Literally there’s no shortage of choices out there. But, key is to find the best resource for you. Dig around sites that sell furniture online. In this way, you’ll be able to get a feel for which types of items buyers like to buy. It will help you to narrow down the list of sites into one or two you’d like to try. Begin by listing few items on one site and see whole process before going in for it. You could also try new site if it doesn’t go well with you.

Refinish Your Stuff

To get top dollar, we recommend you a quick fix. Put yourself in buyer’s shoes to get idea what buyers are going to focus. Treat the stains, stitch the loose seams, re-wire the old lamp, or paint your rickety chair to get more profit from your used furniture. Your little investment will definitely worth it. Refinish your antiques to claim that it works!

Price Your Furniture to Sell

Who doesn’t love deals? We suggest you to set the price of your furniture lower than that of retail. This is because it is a second hand purchase. A low price will move inventory at quick pace and thus speed up sales.

Take good Photos
Since you are about to sell furniture online which means buyer can’t touch it physically. To do so, accurate and detailed photos are essential. Try to find a place with great natural light while taking photos. Using flash is not going to give the best results. Before shooting your item, clear any clutter out of frame. Also, a white backdrop can give your pictures a professional look.

Include Details

Describe your product’s details as thoroughly as possible including size, dimensions, color, history of given piece, how long you have it, from where you buy it and so forth. This will clear any discrepancies in style and color of furniture that your photos are not able to convey.

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